Friday, July 24, 2009

I am all thumbs

I'm trying to design this something I'll call Lacy Handsleeve, and so far I like it.

But I've knit & ripped the thumb several times - and now I'm here. Trying to figure out how to close the thumb and keep the integrity of the lace pattern - and keep the thumb join stable. Previous attempts have left it gapey, or pulling. I started with a not-quite afterthough thumb, but that pulled the lace pattern. It was too ugly to photograph, so I ripped it. Late-night attempts last night won't even be discussed.

This little beauty is all in the attempt to use up the rest of the sample skein of Tanis Fiber Arts, after finishing up the Spring Beret (happily sitting in M1's window right now), and the lace pattern for the glove is borrowed from that (which is probably borrowed from elsewhere, as well)!

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