Monday, September 08, 2008

I love red

Aside from being one of my "new" favourite colours, red is the colour first-prize ribbons, and the colour of my favourite new sweater, a slightly adapted Mr. Greenjeans by Amy Swenson, in a gorgeous cherry-red shade of Louet's Riverstone. It's my birthday sweater, and one of the few pieces for myself I purposely diverted from the UFO basket and put on the fast track because I had a deadline.

I made myself put it in the Heritage Park Fall Fair for judging this past weekend.
And...against some very storied competition from the Make 1 yarnies (and others!), I managed to place with a beautiful Third-place ribbon.

Plus I got nice comments.

And a fabulous, award-winning sweater I get to wear this fall!
I am going to wear it with the ribbon attached.

Here's a pic of us Yarnies collecting our "prize money" - I won $4.00 and we all together won $14.50! We got to go to the Bank to collect! All four of us won ribbons (and some fun cool prizes); Leanne for her blanket and sweater, Marilynn for her shawl (but of course!) and Michelle for her mittens and socks!

As a side note, I also won two ribbons (one First Place and one Best of Section rosette) for one of my favourite all-time photographs. It's in black & white (I'm a bit of a purist) and is of one of the older Heritage Park staff who had a special relationship with the piece of farm machinery he was working with during the harvest and threshing.

Like the projects from the UFO basket, I managed to divert this image away from one of my many Storage Boxes, discovered the B&W negative (which I hand-developed years ago), and had it re-printed. Back in my access-to-darkroom days, I had hand-printed only two prints of this image, with some lovely dodging & burning and gave the really good one to my very first Photography Mentor years ago as a thank you, and kept the lesser print in my portfolio for years. It was time to properly print & frame it! I'll put a pic of it up soon. (Can you put up a pic of a pic? Hm.)