Monday, December 14, 2009

My Blue Heaven

I couldn't help diving into this gorgeous Romney fresh from Yorkshire Rose Farm. Bess from Make 1 is a genius and is getting product from these folks who have just started selling their fabulous fleece.
Oh. My.

I was lucky enough to be able to test-spin up 2 oz. of this gorgeous Romney lamb batt on Saturday (Second Saturday of the month is Spin-in Day at M1). The pictures do not give the tactile experience, though.

See all those little fuzzy hairs? They are not anything but soft, soft fuzz. Imagine a baby lamb. That's what it feels like. And the lovely long staple - and sproingy crimp - of the Romney makes it pure joy to spin.

There is some gorgeous natural gray, the blue-with-gray I tried out (along with my uber-talented fibre friend Dawn known as MagicNeedles on Ravelry) and some pretty pink-with-natural white.
If you don't go get some, I will take it all home.